Bar stools are boring?

Bar stools are fast emerging as a favourite furniture item with commercial interior designers. This is in addition to discerning householders who enjoy the style and practicality that bars tools can bring to an interior setting.

Interior designers have been selecting and specifying barstools as part of their creative interiors for decades. Adding functionality and style to eating and drinking areas of hotels, restaurants, cafes and leisure facilities. With the revival of bar stools as funky furniture items, the choice has never been so exciting or inspiring. Today they are available in a variety of styles and finishes from ‘timeless wood blended with natural leather’ to ‘contemporary chrome and black’ bar stools or ‘polished metal teamed with vibrant coloured fabrics’. It’s like dining at your favourite restaurant – lot’s of choices only one belly (or wallet!).


Barstools are great space-savers. Fitting very close to or actually underneath worktops and bar areas, thereby making the most of the available floor space. The additional height offered by the barstools also allows customers who prefer to sit, the chance to socialise and interact with others who prefer to stand. Children also love the additional height of barstools as it gives them the opportunity to see life from a grown-up level.

In the domestic environment, the humble bar stool is also enjoying a revival. Fashionable house owners and flat dwellers strive to maximise the available space. As well as being a stylish piece of furniture in its own right, the barstool is a clever, space-saving item that is popular with young and old alike. The smaller dimensions of many contemporary houses mean that living space is at a premium. Therefore, breakfast bars and central bar tables are taking the place of the conventional dining table. In these situations, classic breakfast bar stools or stylish statement barstools are the ideal choice of seating.

Varied designs

Bar stools are now available in a wide variety of designs to suit all interior tastes and fashions. For classic interiors, there is a choice of attractive wood finishes for bar stools which, when teamed with luxury leather or fabric upholstery, can offer fab seating that blends perfectly with the interior. Alternatively, styles manufactured in rustic metal or contemporary chrome complemented by neutral upholstery will also offer understated elegance. Carefully chosen retro pieces can add a focal point to the room.

For the contemporary interior, there is an array of styles finished in chrome with faux leather seat pads in a rainbow of vibrant colours. Alternatively, rigid acrylic seating offers the ultimate in practicality. Whatever the style or the budget, there are barstools to fit the bill.

That’s the commercial interior setting or providing functional seating for a busy family. Additionally, barstools are extremely practical items of furniture. They save space, add an element of design to the interior and are easy to clean and transport. There are designs especially created for dining areas, for bars, for the kitchen or for the garden. Through their growing popularity, the revival of barstools definitely looks set to continue for many years to come.