Beds for children – how to choose?

Choosing stylish beds for youngsters can be a tricky challenge. You need to ensure they get a sound night’s sleep without giving yourself a nightmare in the process! Parents want a sleep solution that is practical, safe and doesn’t cost the earth. Children, on the other hand, want something that is fun. Also, something that will spark their imagination and make their bedroom a place for adventure! It’s a difficult compromise! If space is at a premium and you have two or more children to consider, then bunk beds may offer the best choice. Taking up the floor space of a single bed, yet providing sleep space for at least two children or teenagers. Bunks offer a very cost-effective, space-saving alternative to conventional divan beds.

There are lots of styles to choose from, making it possible to match the bunk bed to the existing furniture in the bedroom. Wooden bunk beds are available in a choice of natural wood or paint finishes. Metal versions offer steel, silver, chrome, black or various anodised colours. There are even styles which incorporate wood and metalwork in contemporary designs which are bound to appeal to children. Also, for parents, as they offer the same standard safety features of rigid construction, sturdy ladders and side rails.

Old versus new

Although traditional bunk beds offer sleep space for two siblings, the latest models have been designed to easily accommodate three children. This is done by providing a wider base bed. Many single children select this option as an additional place to play, to display their cuddly toys and as a reason to have friends around for sleepovers! The majority of styles also incorporate under bed storage. This gives even more reason to select bunk beds for your children’s room.

Cabin beds are another ideal solution for the younger members of the family. Although designed primarily for a single occupant, cabin beds offer vast amounts of space-saving storage and inspiration for inventive play. Most cabin bed models provide additional furniture within the bed structure. For example desks, cupboards, shelving, sofas, and play areas.

All age groups

There are styles to suit all age groups. From cabins in the shape of racing cars and princess’ castles for the younger members of the family to highly functional, self-contained workstations for older children and teenagers. Cabin beds designed specifically for juniors provide lots of space for play, and also storage for bulky toys and games. Teenage cabin beds, on the other hand, offer a contemporary display solution for computer systems and games consoles, as well as space-saving storage for DVDs, books and clothes.

Whichever bed you decide on, the considerations will always be safety, price, comfort and style. Above all ensure that the bed you buy conforms to European safety standards and is also fire retardant, with the required certificates. Once the safety issue is covered, the other aspects are down to personal choice so set your own guidelines. Involve your children in the decision-making process. Let them make a small selection, then try out the beds in store. After all, if the children love their new bed, they’ll be counting the minutes till bedtime!